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Ceramic Implants

With a passion for holistic oral healthcare, Dr. Shen is the first (and currently only) office in Massachusetts offering premium quality CeraRoot Ceramic Implants.

The Healthy
Implant Solution

Made of biocompatible zirconia, CeraRoot Ceramic Implants offer a holistic, metal-free, aesthetically pleasing, and durable implant solution.

The Material


Made of 100% zirconia, CeraRoot is a premium quality ceramic implant that is made to last.

Biocompatible and

Zirconia does not alter the body’s energy meridians or have an adverse impact on biological tissues.

Looks better

Unlike metal which often shows through the gums, CeraRoot Implants are white and will not be visible through the gums.


Zirconia osseointegrates into the jawbone providing a healthy, lasting solution.

Allergy friendly

For patients who have been unable to receive implants due to an allergy to titanium, CeraRoot dental implants offer a healthy solution.

The Design

One piece

Unlike traditional titanium implants which consist of a titanium post and an abutment which are connected with a screw, CeraRoot Implants come as one-piece. This eliminates the possibility of screw loosening which leads to restoration failure.

Placed at the same level as the gum

While titanium implants are placed below the gumline, the gum-level placement of CeraRoot allows for more effective cleaning and better supports the gum and bone.


The one-piece design of CeraRoot ceramic implants eliminates microgaps where oral bacteria can enter inside the implant-abutment complex which cannot be accessed and cleaned easily.


The shape of CeraRoot ceramic implants mimics natural teeth and makes the final restoration emerging from the gum look like a natural tooth.

Enhanced Healing

Atraumatic extraction

When placing implants, it is crucial to extract the tooth as atraumatically as possible to preserve the underlying bone. It also reduces pain and chance of infection afterwards. Atraumatic extraction requires skills
as well as patience, which is what we focus on.

Ozone therapy

To help with healing and increase implant success, we use ozone therapy which can effectively kill bacteria and help bring more oxygen to where healing is needed.

Laser therapy

We use laser to help disinfect the extraction socket and implant site. Laser uses light energy which is natural, minimally invasive, and more comfortable.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy (PRF)

Experience a natural healing boost after implant surgery with the advanced technology of Platelet Rich Fibrin Therapy (PRF). Effective and 100% natural, we use a small sample of your blood to place concentrated platelets, white blood cells, and growth factors on your surgery site to speed the healing process.

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